Tequila Blockchain Embraces Proof-of-Dedication with New ‘HyperCube’ Rebranding – Coinspeaker

Tequila Blockchain Embraces Proof-of-Dedication with New ‘HyperCube’ Rebranding – Coinspeaker

Place/Date: – August 5th, 2021 at 1:49 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: HyperCube

The new PoD-based HyperCube blockchain network will allow users to stake their coins with rewards up to 500% APY.

Moreover, unlike Ethereum, the new HyperCube blockchain will be a low-inflation blockchain with a low transaction fee.

Tequila Blockchain (TQ) has rebranded itself to a new name dubbed HyperCube (XPZ). The developers kickstarted a rebranding campaign with a new project – and found support from SpaceDEX.  SpaceDEX, a truly decentralized exchange will support the rebranding since Tequilla and HyperCube is sub-projects of the DEX protocol.

The ticker symbol for the native token would change from TQ to XPZ.  The TQ to XPZ conversion will happen in the ratio of one-to-one.

Lead developer John Casper stated that HyperCube will remain at its decimal point without alteration as a result of this improvement.

John Casper continued in explaining this action,

“We want the transition to be smooth, and the entire economic system to be stable. We are concentrating more on the progress of underlayer technologies. HyperCube will become a powerful component of Ethereum in the future, challenging Ethereum’s current dominance in the smart contract platform.”

The renewed website notes that HyperCube will be a natural continuation of Tequila Blockchain. Lead developer Shawn Buzzwick has been working over