Genesis Pool becomes a leading player in the launchpad sector – Cointelegraph

Genesis Pool becomes a leading player in the launchpad sector – Cointelegraph

Genesis Pool, also known as GPool, is one of a handful of projects pioneering the growth and development in the crypto decentralized finance sector by challenging the business practices of its peers, disrupting their outdated methods and redefining what can be offered to the retail investor through a decentralized launchpad.

What is the health of the launchpad sector?

Launchpads, where retail investors are able to participate in initial DEX offerings, have become increasingly popular and there are now over 60 such projects spread across every network. Nearly all of these launchpads offer a very similar model of investing that has left their investment community frustrated with:

  • Complicated investment tiers
  • Lottery whitelistings and small token allocations
  • IDOs that pump and dump on launching

GPool will put retail investors at the heart of its operation

GPool highlighted the fact that so many launchpads only offer 1% of their project’s tokens to their communities. This leads to investors never getting whitelisted, poor allocations and large whale wallets that pump and dump.

GPool will work with projects from an early stage, securing a much larger token allocation for its investors and will be able to offer larger, guaranteed token allocations to all its whitelisted investors.

GPool strongly believes in the principle that more tokens should be allocated to its community of investors and therefore a whopping 67% of the total tokens being minted in its IDO will be allocated to investors who have gained whitelisting, with