Decentralized file format blockchain Zenotta mines genesis block – CryptoNinjas

Decentralized file format blockchain Zenotta mines genesis block – CryptoNinjas

Zenotta, a peer-to-peer electronic trade system, redefining the way we use and value data, has now mined its genesis block. This marks the first step where issues of data privacy, digital content ownership, and creative freedom are solved through programmable Smart Data.

The ZDS comprises the twin pillars of the Zenotta Data Protocol (ZDP) and the Zenotta Network Protocol (ZNP). The ZDP turns digital content into a digital asset. Any file type, be it static (such as a signed contract in PDF format or a photo in JPEG format), or dynamic (such as a data streaming service in MP3 or AVI format), can be converted into a Smart Data file with its own, unique DNA.

This new invention, a decentralized file format, combines the power of encryption with the utility and security of blockchain technology to enable ownership that is identity-based. Identity-based ownership is a more secure, and egalitarian alternative to the current restrictive access-based possession and handling of digital content.

Until now, blockchain ledgers have dealt with payments but not the goods that were paid for. This is the recipe for a one-sided economy. Zenotta introduces the first dual, double-entry ledger which enables the bi-directional movement of both the payment and the notarized Smart Data asset, creating a real digital economy through the invention of decentralized trade.

Zenotta Blockchain

In introducing the first dual double-entry blockchain ledger, Zenotta makes this concept a reality by combining a peer-to-peer electronic cash system with a notarized receipt of the asset that is paid for. This