Bitcoin SV already won – CoinGeek

Bitcoin SV already won – CoinGeek

When properly incentivized, Bitcoin is capable of an unfathomable amount of throughput and flexibility that can dwarf Visa, MasterCard, SWIFT, ACH and all of the data management networks on earth! Yes, that includes AWS, Azure and whatever else you’re thinking. The Bitcoin protocol has no block size limit, no chained transaction limit, no script limit nor anything else—meaning that anything you can dream of can be built on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin “never really hits a scaling ceiling…” 

– Satoshi Nakamoto, April 2009

But this view is extremely unpopular among the commune of blockchain intelligentsia for various reasons. The key reason is that in every other blockchain community, the coin is the product, the community are the salespeople, and the goal is the exit: buy low, shill hard, sell high. 

This is the business model of BTC, BCH, ADA, XRP, EOS, ZEC, TRX… Even Banano! 

Banano Logo
This is 100% unironically a “cryptocurrency.”

They all exist simply to sell tokens, enrich developers, pay for suits in Silicon Valley. In stark contrast, Bitcoin SV (BSV) is not so much a community as it is an economy where the value of the network is not the token itself, but what can be created with the token! This is why BSV is so heavily lambasted in